Tennant V-WA-66 66cm Heavy Duty Upright Vacuum

Price : $3,393.00
Product Code : TEN3240/3260

66cm Heavy Duty Wide Area Vacuum

Efficiently cleans large areas while manoeuvring into and out of tight spaces. Replaces the popular Tennant 3240 and 3260.

  • Dual motor performance means one motor spins the dynamically balanced, high-speed brush while the other generates powerful, dirt-lifting suction.
  • Easy-to-use and repair design.
  • Protects indoor air quality with triple filtration system.

Key reliability and performance features

  • The roto-molded polyethylene construction is light but extremely strong for long-lasting dependability.
  • Anti-bacterial filter bag resists mold and provides 10 L capacity for increased productivity and sanitation.
  • Extended brush housing cleans edges along walls or fixtures.
  • Dual motor vacuum drives the brush motor at 1800 rpm and dedicates 1.0 hp / 0.75 kW to suction power.

    All Tennant vacuums are approved by the National Asthma Council of Australia’s (NACA), ‘Sensitive Choice’ program as products that reduce the triggers of asthma and allergies.

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