Windsor Chariot iVac 24 ATV stand on vacuum

Product Code : WINiVac 24
  • Chariot iVac 24″ ATV multi-surface HEPA vacuum is designed with Windsor’s patented Chariot Stand-On Cleaning Technology for increased productivity and maneuverability on hard and soft floors.
  • Can be used to increase productivity in applications where a sweeper, wide area vacuum, back pack vacuum or dust mop is currently utilised.
  • Quieter than a traditional wide area vacuum with the same pick-up performance.
  • Comes standard with a 3m hose and two-piece bristle and hand- tool nozzle¬† set for off-aisle cleaning without having to use another machine.
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PowerVac Windsor Chariot iVac 24 ATV

PowerVac presents the Windsor Chariot iVac 24 ATV ride on vacuum. The iVac 24 is suitable for efficiently vacuuming medium to large areas of carpet or hard floors. For more info please see

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