Water Fed pole Window Basic Package

Price : $1,639.00
Product Code : WFP2BASIC

Entry Level Commercial Package for Pure Water Window Cleaning

  • Best in the business, trolley mounted 12.5 Litre mixed bed resin filter for de ionization (DI) water treatment (ion transfer) removing dissolved solids, drying spot free.
  • 5 micron carbon pre filter to maximize resin exchange capacity.
  • Optional wash and rinse detergent dispenser (highly recommended for best cleaning results)
  • TDS Meter to measure water purity, pressure gauge
  • 100M x 6.5MM (ID) Hose & Reel, hose leader
  • 7m/23′ XCF ALPHA 100% uni-directional carbon fiber pole with hybrid (50:50) base section.
  • Extra sections can be purchased to lengthen pole
  • Dual purpose pole for regular window cleaning tools
  • Gardiner Superlite  brush, Gardiner the most efficient  glass cleaning  brushes  made
  • Gardiner Resi 1 Lever lock Angle Adapter



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