WG+B SP53 Gas Buffer

Product Code : WGBSP53

Powerful gas buffer for medium sized areas

Pad Drive:

  • 21″/53cm, pivots to follow floor.
  • Pad Speed 2,100 rpm
  • Coverage 2,325 m²/h
  • Vented drive board to maintain correct pad pressure.
  • Torque-adjustment knob to eliminate torque-steer due to pad wear: reduces operator fatigue, increases pad life.


  • Honda 11hp single cylinder OHV. Fitted with exclusive air cooling filter.

Active Dust Control System:

  • Floating dust control skirt internally mounted to stop it getting damaged in use.
  • Large crankshaft mounted vacuum fan, 12” diameter generates 400cfm of air flow.
  • Industrial quality filtration bag with large opening for easy cleaning.


  • All cast iron pulleys with sealed ball bearings, B-Section kevlar corded belts.


  • Polyurethane tyres, cast iron hubs, sealed ball bearings.

LP Gas System:

  • Electric shut-off solenoid, linked to engine oil pressure.
  • Excess-flow valve in gas coupling.
  • Meets or exceeds AS1425 (Automotive LP Gas Code). All components are Australian Gas Authority approved.
  • One-touch gas cylinder clamp for easy cylinder changing.


  • Carbon Monoxide is factory-set to 1/5th allowed in NOHSC:1003(1995)
  • All components are Australian Gas Authority approved. The LP Gas system meets or exceeds AS1425 (Automotive LP Gas Code).


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