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Clean up and Maintain your Vacuum Cleaner

Commercial vacuum cleaners are heavy-duty machines, built to function every single day.

Whether it’s cleaning offices, big buildings or hotels, they can do the job of turning even the dirtiest floors or carpets into fresh looking ones. When using these vacuums every day, it’s easy to forget that they are professional cleaning tools that should be properly cared for and serviced.

If you take proper care of your commercial vacuum cleaner by maintaining it, you can save a lot of money by extending the life of the vacuum and reducing annoying breakdowns. Regular maintenance will help your vacuum last longer, make your vacuuming safer, improve worker productivity as well as contribute to serving the environment by using less electricity. Apart from extending the vacuum cleaner’s lifespan, maintenance also lengthens the usage of different parts and limits the need to replace different parts regularly.

Furthermore, if your vacuum cleaner stops working at its best, it can start leaving dirt and dust behind that might lead to health issues for clients or employees stepping foot in the building. The best policy is to maintain your commercial vacuum cleaner to avoid any problems and wasting money.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain your commercial vacuum cleaner and keep it running for longer.

Replace dust bags regularly

Every day, before you use the vacuum cleaner, check the filter bag. A dust bag that is too full or even more than 2/3 full can restrict the airflow of the vacuum and affect the machine’s performance negatively. Rather be safe than sorry and replace the dust bag before it gets too full or if you notice that there are any tears in the bag. If you continue vacuuming with a full bag, you can affect the motor of the machine.

Pick it up

An easy way to save your commercial vacuum cleaner from breaking down is to pick up any hard or bigger objects that are lying around before you start vacuuming. Small metal objects like coins or paperclips can cause damage to different parts of your vacuum and cause the motor to break down or reduce suction.

Clean filters

Instead of waiting for it to become visibly dirty and full of dust, remove any excessive filth from the micro-filter compartment. By the time you can see the dirt on the micro filter or if you observe an unpleasant odour when vacuuming, change the filter immediately. If you’re using a vacuum with a HEPA filter it needs to be replaced at least every one to two years.

Check brushes

Regularly inspect the vacuum’s floor tool or brushes (uprights vacuums) for any string, carpet fibres or things that can wrap around the bristles. These things impair the movement and puts unnecessary strain on the motor. If you find it too hard to clean the brushes to ensure that it can move freely, it is relatively easy to replace for optimal functionality of your vacuum.

Electric cables

It’s easy to run over the electric cord of a vacuum while vacuuming but don’t be lazy, move or pick it up if it’s lying in the way of where you want to vacuum. If you can’t move it because of the limit of the length of the cord, find a new plug outlet so that the cord doesn’t reach its length limit and get jerked out of the outlet, which can damage the plug blades. Also, check the electrical cords regularly for no damage or kinks. Always replace a damaged cable immediately.

These simple tips can seriously prolong the life of your commercial vacuum and save you money so make sure you stay on top of regular maintenance. If you’re afraid of causing more damage than good by maintaining your commercial vacuums yourself, contact PowerVac on 08 9242 4751 to enquire about the service and repairs we offer.